juventide starfish

What is Juventide™?

After years of Research and development, we unlocked one of the most powerful secrets of nature, a unique and natural rejuvenating marine serum called Juventide™.

Juventide™ is obtained from the starfish Asteria vulgaris known for its powerful regeneration capacity!

Juventide™ is obtained by a natural process in a sustainable perspective in full respect of marine ecosystem.

The experiment proved that the thickness of the skin barrier can be increased by 2.5 times, GAGs increased by 4 times, collagen III increased by 2.5 times, and collagen IV increased by 3 times. The effect is better than “RETINOL”.

Through clinical testing, it can effectively reduce wrinkles, increase skin elasticity, tightness and moisture content.

Clinical Study

juventide 1e
After 6 days
  1. Excellent cell morphology + thickening of the epidermis = skin renewal
  2. Deep collagen fibers + strong collagen network = maximal skin support
  3. The increased collagen is less than Juventide™

Effect of Juventide™

juventide 3e
juventide 2
After 28 days

After using Juventide™ Starfish Extract for 28 days, Representative photographs showing wrinkle reduction in the crow’s feet area.